Spring 2016


Traveling can often be quite stressful and irritating, especially for those who frequently make trips for work. Making the transition from work to travel and back should be as painless as possible. 


The objective for this semester project was to create a working prototype that could be used to show the potential feasibility of a future product.


Mood Board






Study Models


The first 1:1 scale study model, made from kraft paper, allowed me to get a proper sense of size and basic layout. The second study model, made from scraps of muslin and fleece, helped in determining the pattern of the individual pieces as well as the sewing order and assembly.




Having learned how to sew from my mother and a high school "sports sewing" class, I decided to try my hand at sewing the bag by myself on my wife's sewing machine.


FMEA Analysis


Final Design




Bill of Materials


Tech Pack