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Frosty Funnel

The Frosty Funnel

Winter 2016


A seasonal Christmas product which is to be used to assist in the easy watering of Christmas trees during the season as well as assist in the easy removal of the water at the end of the season.


The objective for this project was to design and engineer a seasonal Christmas product as well as create the supporting graphics and packaging. 


THe Problem

A 6 foot tree needs 1/2 gallon of water per day

Stand is difficult to get to due to bushy & wide  Trees

Getting under the tree can lead to discomfort & injuries


Competitive analysis


While these devices do address the problem of adding water to a Christmas tree, they don't solve how to remove the water at the end of the season.




Final Design


Showing off how the device functions


Using the device as a funnel for easy watering of tree.


Using the device to easily remove water from the tree stand




To purchase, see your local christmas tree lot or visit the site below.